Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Foodblogging
Have you tried the stroopwafel? If you have you know what I mean when I say that this is a cookie to die for. In my life I've known a few cookies that are just transcendent: "hermits" (made from a recipe given my mother by a friend of hers), the white chocolate/macadamia nut cookies at Costco (bastards!) and the stroopwafel. I offer my complete and utter thanks to the XMBD NMSE who introduced me to these little slices of heaven. Her European background comes in to my benefit in
this instance.
The stroopwafel ("caramel wafer" or "syrup waffle") is a sandwich cookie of sorts. Click the link above for some more detail. I'll just say that it's chewy, sweet as a cookie could be and rich, rich, rich. For a real treat, grab yourself a cuppa hot joe (or tea or chai latte or ...), put the stroopwafel atop your mug and let the heat of the drink warm and soften the cookie. Munch and sip. Munch and sip. (geicolizard) Ooooh that's the thing. (/geicolizard)
Here is a recipe with some history. I have no pizzelle iron so I'm going to have to content myself with just buying them. Trader Joe's carries them in full size sometimes and has bags of smaller versions as well. What is truly shocking to me though, and the genesis of this post by the way, is that the coffee pushers over at Gevalia are offering sugar free versions of this ambrosial delight.Sugar free! Seems almost sacreligious. Not to mention, in the Gevalia tradition, going for about a dollar a cookie. Ouch. I think I'll hew to the welcoming bosom of Trader Joe's.
If you'll stay tuned to PoW, I'll dig up the recipe for hermits and post that down the road a bit. Cheers!

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