Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol
I haven't been paying much attention to the current season of AI but I'm really digging Carly Smithson. I love that touch of the Oirish accent and she sang "Crazy On You" which song I've always enjoyed (I am, after all, a Heart fan) creditably. Of course blue eyes and dark hair is a wicked combination. Simon seems to be pretty positive about her as well.
I've also liked Amanda Overmeyer with that silly bifurcated skunk stripe hair and the growly voice.
So far not a single one of the male singers has shown me that he can stay with either of those two women.
If you pay attention to the band, you'll see several PRS guitars - the Matteo Blue 513 that was in play last year, an orange Singlecut (orange is not a color that always works on PRSi but it does on the singlecut) and a black sunburst EG. All excellent choices but I do think the 513 is just an insanely good piece of guitarfleisch.

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