Saturday, February 23, 2008

Movies, But Not Netflixery
I caught a broadcast of "The Incredibles" a day or so ago and was reminded how amazingly good it is. The story holds together extremely well. The animation does look a bit behind the current state of the art but that's immaterial. The voice work is just superb - Holly Hunter's turn as Elatigirl/Helen Parr is possibly some of the greatest voice work done on an animated film. Though Pixar has set the bar awfully high on that score. The humor is laugh out loud funny and clever. Intelligence in animation is not to be taken for granted. I love this movie.
And, though it wasn't part of the broadcast, the short "Jack Jack Attack" featuring the Parr's/Incredible's baby and the babysitter is possibly even funnier than the main movie. It's on the DVD if you haven't seen it. Which begs the question, why haven't you seen it? It is a most enjoyable way to spend an episode of flixery. If you have seen it but not for a while, may I suggest you reacquaint yourself with this wonderful adult cartoon?

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