Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Good Stuff
I've bitched off a few ads recently and I've got a slew of 'em to bitch off in the hopper. But I thought it was time to throw the advertisers a bone beyond posting videos of songs from Apple ads. What I want to praise is the ATT ad wherein the little daughter gives her father a stuffed monkey as he goes on a business trip. Daddy sends back pictures of the stuffed monkey culminating with a shot of the monkey outside their home on his return. The ad is sweet and not at all cloying. The affection in the family comes across as real and palpable. The "sweet thing/ apple of my eye" song adds to the effect. I'm not always down with ATT's forcing the "more bars" visual cues into its ads but in this one, the "bars" take a back seat to the tone. It's an enjoyable little story. I hope they give the creative team behind this one more chances.

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