Thursday, February 14, 2008

Duke 77, Maryland 65
Fear the what now?

I've pretty much stayed away from the collitch bucketball this year (the brief look at UNC a couple of posts down being a notable exception) but I've grown tired of U Md's constant whining about "Dook." Yes, you beat Duke last year. You've even had remarkable success against Duke in Cameron Indoor Stadium. But the eternal mewling is unbecoming a major college program. Duke is renowned for hating UNC (I actually, do not - I resent the history of clobberation Duke has suffered at the hands of our neighbors but I respect the Tar Heels as a first class team at a first class state university). Now, I guess, Maryland has decided to make Duke the particular object of their ire. So let me point this out: Dookies don't really care about the Terps. We can lose to them without much nose-out-of-jointing. In fact, Maryland had best hope it stays that way. If Duke ever makes it a point of the season to beat Maryland, there's going to be some deep agony in College Park. Sorry. That's just the way it is.
So for now, feel free to indulge your fantasies and consider the Terps a better team than the Blue Devils because of last year's results. It's not like the Terps are a bad team - mai non! It's a signal achievement that they have matured and gotten nothing but better during this season under Gary Williams (a coach for whom I have nothing but respect). But Duke won both home and away. So unless you beat Duke in the tournament (not at all impossible), just STFU about Duke this year. Kthxbai.

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