Friday, February 29, 2008

I have a good friend who isn't particularly into technology. I don't mean that she's a Luddite - she has a computer, uses e-mail without a hiccup and generally has no problem with tech as much as she wants or needs to use it. But she recently decided it was time to get mobile with her music and of course I suggested she start running iTunes. I even dropped in on her, well, she had me to dinner as I sold her my old digital camera and brought an install disc for iTunes since she runs off a dial-up connection and doing the download would have taken ... let's just say way longer than it should.
In any event, we got her PC up and running with music. It was a lot of fun to see her getting into loading her music into the computer, setting up preferences, ripping only selected songs from a CD, enjoying the automatic track info download from the Gracenote CDDB. Those are the sort of things I've grown accustomed to but which are, in prospect, just so frickin' cool!
Now that she's got the software set up, I e-mailed her the other day to point out that the 1 GB iPod shuffle had its price knocked down to $49. She took the plunge. And today she called to say that she was doing the set up and she couldn't get the iPod to show up on the PC. I told her to try unplugging the USB plug and re-plugging it back in. Nothing. Yet I was on the right track. After starting to search the Apple knowledge database, she gives me the eureka moment. She didn't have the iPod firmly seated in its dock! Bingo.
Small victories. We take where we can. I'm delighted that another person's joined the digital music sphere.

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