Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Night And There's Music In The Air
Music from a "Concrete Sky" to be precise. This is the non "North American" version of Beth Orton's song which I've managed to name in the first sentence of this post. The other version is much more Beth-centric, which is not entirely a bad thing, but I am deeply enamored of the beautiful forest setting of this viddy. I'd love to live in or near one of these mossy primeval forests. I'm not as thrilled with the soft-to-out-of focus look of the viddy but I'm not complaining about it either.
Beth Orton is one of those women whose looks I like but can never decide why. She's a bit ... I hate to say this ... bovine of face but she has that wonderful lanky sexiness that I find quite appealing. The gown-like dress seems rather out of place as do the tall boots. I can't explain the outfit for the life of me. Any speculation in comments is entirely welcome. And it's not just her looks. Her voice is quirky to the point that I can easily see someone not caring for her singing at all but when the material is right (her "Central Reservation" disc is pure magic), it's entrancing. "Concrete Sky" is right. I hope you're entranced as well.

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