Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quick Questions For Readers
How many people use thumb drives? If you use them, how many do you have? What's the purpose of the drive?
Full disclosure: I use them. I have one 4 GB and just ordered two 2 GB versions from Amazon. The purpose of the drives if first, confidential files that are not kept on the desktop machine and can be switched from to the laptop merely by plugging in a li'l bitty USB thingie. And what I mean by confidential is such things as password files and some images I have been sent by friends which no one else has any right to see. You can ask but I'm not going to say.
In any event, if you don't use thumb drives, you should. They're small, they can save you burning CD-ROMs often and they're getting dead cheap. The 2 GB ones I'm buying from Amazon cost $11.50 each. Not to mention that these little beauties allow you to take all sorts of info on the road and use it on a machine that may not be yours.

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