Saturday, February 23, 2008

Japanese Radio
Long ago and far away, I was out in the provinces down southerly Honshu way. NHK radio would play some English language tunes (witness the Billy Field viddy I posted a couple of weeks ago) with sometimes hilarious results tucked in like a satsuma in a Christmas stocking. First, just a transliteration. The song "Endless Love" was current at the time so it was played. But it was introduced as "Endoress Rub." Which is not an unpleasant concept, really.
The other salient memory was listening to a broadcast that featured the music of Kenny Rogers. The fun came in a Japanese version of one of the songs. It is, or was, something of a trope of Japanese pop that foreign hits songs that had been translated into Japanese retained their title lines in English. So what do we get: "And She Bereaves In Me!" I pretty much fell out at that one.

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