Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An episode of Foyle's War on the Howard University distant-seeing station tonight. Hmm. I didn't know the series had its own website until I searched just now. Aint the global inter tubes grand? Tonight's episode (cue dramatic music): War of Nerves! (Actually, it has been shown before but it's one I missed so it's "new to me.")
Though I may sneak peeks at UNC impending crushitation of U Va.
UPDATE: 45 seconds to go and UNC up by a mere two points. Not exactly crushitation. But it does raise the question of what's wrong with UNC. They are not playing like a top 10 team lately. Of course Tyler "Psycho T" Hansbrough getting fouled every time down court and not having it called (and one eGREGious flop by the U. Va. center) doesn't help.
So there: a one point win. Yow, a single point win over the league's bottom team. Carolina has much to worry about.

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