Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Okay "Scientists"
If you genetic engineers are so smart how come?
1. How come you haven't combined dandylion and, say, corn, to make crops that'll grow in cracks in the sidewalk?
2. How come you haven't snipped the coat color genes out of tigers and put them in, say, bunnies so we could have real fur coats that would look wicked cool?
3. How come you can't take the flesh eating bacteria that nature her own self has provided and turn it into a fat eating bacteria? It would destroy the liposuction industry in swole(n) foop.
4. And if you nanotechnologists are so smart, how come you haven't been able to build a scanning, tunneling electron microscope that can detect the Clintons' ethics? Aw hail, I might as well ask for a machine to detect unicorns.

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