Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good Stuff
I was wander the echoing, cavernous halls of my local Costco today as I got loaded on such staples as milk, eggs, paper products and pepper. Pepper? Pepper. I was down to one smallish McCormick container of already ground pepper in the kitchen. I'm not a fan of already ground pepper as I think pepper is like coffee- best used as close to being ground as possible. But I've also inherited my mother's Scots nature and abhor throwing things away. So I've been using the ground pepper.
Nonetheless, I was looking for red pepper flakes in the spices section of Costco and saw a giant, discount-sized jar of Tellichery peppercorns. They were slightly more expensive than the same sized jar of regular peppercorns so I plumped for the difference. Brought it home. Opened it up to fill the pepper grinder. Mmmmm! The perfume of those peppercorns is intense and wonderful. I'll put the ground pepper aside now for cooking purposes and will be grinding Tellichery pepper onto my food for the rest of my fool life. I highly recommend them. Didn't find the red pepper flakes though. I guess the regular grocery store for that.

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