Thursday, January 04, 2007

Site Changes
The "longings" section of music I have ordered for myself is gone. Poof. If I have something musical to write about, I'll write about it. I won't clog up the sidebar with details of my CD purchases.
More importantly, I have moved the link to Gut Rumbles to its own "In Memoriam" section. It wasn't just the blogosphere that lost something real last year when we lost the dyspeptic wit of Rob Smith, the world at large lost a sometimes reluctant gentleman, a a straight shooter and a musician. We are the less for his loss and he deserves to have his listing under that heading. I hope I have no cause to move other links to that heading for a long, long time.
And as a final note on Rob, I'm so lucky to have met him before he passed. I only wish I could have been invited to the Crackerbox for that experience as well.

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