Saturday, January 13, 2007

Some Off-Season Thoughts For The Deck Farm
I'm already planning the expansion of the Deck Farm from three EarthBoxes with the addition of a couple of knock-off boxes made out of Wally-Mart containers. But I'm also considering one of these "greenhouses" as I think it might give me as much as another three weeks of growing season. I'm planning on ordering plants only this year - not growing from seeds, so I'm a bit dependent on the date the growers ship live plants for my start date. But with the little greenhouse, I could probably get some more early growth and perhaps another two weeks as the weather cools off. We shall see.
Still and all, $60 for a deck-sized tubular-steel and PVC greenhouse.... Seems like a deal. Plans as they stand are for four tomato plants, more hot peppers, more green peppers and a vegetable to be named later. Cukes, beans and peas are the leading candidates at the moment. I'd love to hear suggestions for good container-grown veg from the peanut gallery.

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