Monday, January 08, 2007

So Sick
That would be me. I'm not ill - just so sick of a radio ad that I could spit. The ad is for, as I recall, free credit reports and it is set up as a "how to pick up chicks" ad. The moron tells how he used the other moron's "program" to get better credit so he could buy a car and a boat and now "chicks dig me." Women - are you not insulted by this? The ad basically says that women are only interested in the trappings of material wealth. That is, women's affection can be purchased. So these people have in essence just called women whores.
It's not like men should think they're any better. According to the ad, men are so awful that they can't attract women without using a falsified aura of prosperity.
This ad just turns my stomach. It's one of those that just gets worse and worse with every hearing. I could put a bullet through the radio were I not so fond of the Bose Wave system. See ladies, a Bose Wave radio, trappings of wealth. Don't you want me now? Bleagh!

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