Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow Day!
Despite all the trauma and trouble of snow in the DC area, I am delighted that winter has finally decided to make itself known. Unfortunately the icy, snow-covered streets on Sunday as the snow was falling meant that traffic was in max creep mode. I was on the road for a bit more than an hours and made it to apoint that I should reach in about half that time. And the traffic was a furball on the Beltway so I threw in the towl on getting over to the Cooldog show. Darn. I hope my show cost can be credited to me for a future show.
But that meant I could watch some Niffle. And even though I kvetched about the games, the Colts-Pats game was a classic. And I watched another disc of Netflix Galactica. Said show returning to the broadcast slate on the SciFi channel. Oh freaking my gawd! Great, no, incredible new ep. This show just gets better and better. I'll do a post on it in the not-too-long from now because I'm starting to have some ideas about plot points that are cropping up. I will say this though, it looks like they've taken the Lucy Lawless Cylon out of the mix. Which is too bad. She has never been more gorgeous than as the D'anna character. Lucy Flawless more like it. I am a sci-fi fan generally but "Battlestar" is turning into the best iteration of a series since "Babylon 5." Higher praise I can not dish out.
And one other thing must be said, Tricia Helfer as the Cylon "Six" or "Caprica" is just mind-blowingly gorgeous and sexy beyond belief. And she has recently posed topless (only - at least of the pics I've seen) for Playboy. And yet, and yet, she's sexier clothed on Galactica. The topless pictures show her as over-madeup and too plastic. Strange what can happen to a beautiful woman.

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