Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Son Of A ...
Apple's new iPhone is, as usual for Apple, way cool (link goes to an easily digestible post on The Unofficial Apple Weblog). But for all its gee-whizzery (and there is much I want in that phone), I can not bring myself to drop $500 or $600 on a phone when having to spend the $$ for a two-year service agreement. Apple has done other cool stuff this year but it's not so thunderously computer related as to make me want to rush out and buy. Unlike the iPod Nano which induced the single most intense case of geek lust in me I have ever experienced. And I still love that thing.
Home digital media is evolving at a rapid pace and I think the introduction of Apple TV (a wireless media box that will play iTunes media over your home big-ass TV) is probably a good product because so many people are comfortable with iTunes that the learning curve is nigh-unto flat. Apple engineers are smart people. Microsoft users will have more trouble migrating to the Vista OS than iTunes users (PC and Mac) will have integrating the Apple TV into their home media setup. And not too bad a buy at $300. I'm still too wedded to divids to be terribly interested in dropping those ducats though.

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