Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Weekend of Football
Holy cow. Watching the Niffle makes me long for the Aussie Rules season to start up again. But that's my tsooris and no one else's. I watched a good deal of the playoff games this weekend and made the mistake of reading the noisepaper while listening to the Baldymore Ravens on thie local radio station. E-yuk! I've never heard a worse case of homer syndrome in broadcasting. I was not opposed to the Ravens before listening to the game but now I am delighted at their loss.
I am actually spoiled for football radio. The Redskins (a team I not only don't love but inactively dislike) for years had great quarterback Sonny Jurgenson, great linebacker Sam Huff and long-time local sportscaster Frank Herzog doing their radio broadcasts. They were undoubtedly Redskins fans but they were so good, so honest in their game work that they were a pleasure to listen to. It didn't hurt that they seemed to have an easy camaraderie in the booth. A truly great booth team. It is a significant mark against Redskins owner Little Danny Snyder (short man's syndrome anyone?) that he kicked them to the curb.

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