Wednesday, February 09, 2005

And a Hoops Late Update
Duke manages to eke out a one point win in Cameron Indoor Stadium against Carolina. I said it would take the game of a season for Duke to win because UNC really is damn good. Luckily, the Devils had it in them for this win. I predict a Carolina win in the Dean Dome but not a blow-out. Let's say an 8 to 12 point Carolina win.

Not only that, I'd like to personally thank UNC for bringing out the best in Duke.

And lastly, my favorite Cameron story. Not a Cameron Crazies story, just one from my files.
As an undergrad, I worked in the student labor pool. One of the jobs was cleaning Cameron. New floors had been laid down and the dust that was kicked up took a long time to fully settle out. Every single seat had to be cleaned along with the seating area floor. This was not routine janitorial cleanup which is why the student labor pool would do the job (cheap labor? -Ed.) (No flies on you, Ed.).
Keep in mind that Cameron Indoor Stadium was also the prime on-campus venue for concerts and back in '78 the Grateful Dead were on the slate. One day, I recall that it was a Wednesday though memory is a bit fuzzy after the passage of years, I am in the upper tier of seats, tack rag in hand, cleaning seats. A guy - picture a male Deadhead circa late 70s and you have the image - walks in, looks around, saks me, "Are the Dead playing here?" I say, "Yeah - next week." (emphasis in the original) "Oh, OK." he replies mildly and walks out.
Yes, I saw him a week later at the show which I was working as security. Man student labor pool had some good gigs!

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