Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Pugs of Pug Acres North
These charming goobers are (from left to right) Fred (13 this month) and Chino (5). Spike (14 in May, the original pug of the whole pug experience) is on the left in the back row, then Panda (7, a puppy mill rescue) and Allie (aka Blind Allie - she's a special needs pug) who is 8.

Fred's from Pug Rescue of New England. Allie and Chino are Ohio Pug Rescue. Panda was a Kansas City rescue organization (now defunct, I think) called Pug Haven.

These wonderpugs are under the tender care of the XMBD (ex Mrs. BlogDog) and are lucky to be in a loving, caring household. I find it almost impossible to believe that Spike is still soldiering on as he was quite the chow hound (and it showed) but he's abviously well taken care of and I hope he fights on as long as he can. PoW salutes Pug Acres North!

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