Thursday, February 10, 2005

Skype Me!
I've added a button down toward the bottom of the sidebar. I have been using Skype voice over IP service now and find it to be remarkably good. However! The button is not yet active! Do not click the button! Right now it has the generic Skype info which won't contact anyone. I'll do a little testing and in another day or so, I'll let you know when the link goes hot.
In the meantime, your assignment is to download and setup Skype (it's free for 'puter to 'puter calls) so that you will be able to Skype me when the link is up and running.

UPDATE: The button is live. Keep in mind that the odds of cactching me with Skype running are dicey but since I'm such a delightful conversatonalist, well worth the effort.

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