Monday, February 28, 2005

The Snow - She Is So Beautiful
But she is as treacherous as the viper in the pit. Like a bew-ti-fool wooman, seductive, enticing and then -poof- she leaves you undone.
OK, forget the fake accent (it wasn't working anyway -Ed.) but the point is that today was really a lovely day of falling snow. Which I have to shovel and now, at this point of the evening, I feel the old back tightening up on me. Tomorrow is going to be The Day Of The Big Ouch. I'll be an ouch potato. Ar ar ar!
Such is the life of the grotesquely out of shape.
Speaking of which, I went out to dinner with a friend last night - Romano's Macaroni Grill which is one of my favorite places: very good food and they bring a small loaf of rosemary bread to the table instead of breadsticks. That bread alone is worth the trip. So what did I have? My share of the bread (natch!), an apple martini, a side ceasar salad (dressing on the side because I have yet to find a restaurant that doesn't overdress a ceasar salad), and the February special of a seafood lasagne that was so amazingly rich I was unable to finish it. Yes I was unable to finish it. It made a most amazing midnight snack too.
Why does description of this Lucullan repast follow on the phrase "grotesquely out of shape?" Because with the exception of three shrimp, two pieces of cheese, two crackers and about half a cup of oriental beef, that is all I had for the entire day. My problem is overconsumption - I am less active than I should be, true, but it's my inability to stop the intake that's really the problem. So even with the drool-inducing dinner, I ate less yesterday than I've eaten on any one day in a while. This is a good thing. And today I ate less still (the day's not over -Ed.) Ed, if you weren't a figment of my imagination, I'd be beating you senseless now.
I am going to try to keep this going. Because if I don't, I will be a dead man.

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