Monday, February 21, 2005

The New Agora
I love the Interweb. Yesterday I had one of those small crises that make our lives so ... so ... bloody annoying. I picked the coffeemaker's carafe out of the drainboard to get my morning round o' java jiving. And as I'm lifting, I feel the pot slipping, slipping, slipping into a future of shards on the kitchen floor. My contortion to catch it against the kitchen counter was not a success and a great oath filled the still morning air as the glass made its accomodation to the ceramic floor tile.
My first trip was to Bed, Bath and Beyond whence cometh the coffeemaker in the first place. But the model was new enough that they didn't carry the replacement decanter (to use Mr. Coffee's word for it). I must give B,B & B credit in that I was given excellent attentive help by a young lady with lovely green eyes. If I were smart, I would have made a note of her name and written a letter to the store manager saying how much i appreciated her help but ... well ... D'oh!
I figured that I'd try the Mr. Coffee website to see if that might be the solution. And it was. Kind of. The site showed the replacement decanter but offered no link to buy it. Instead, it showed that it was available at Target. Hmm. Good old Tarzhay is affiliated with where I'm all folded into their ordering system. Good. Go to the Target store at Amazon. Bingo. Click, click, click (not one to waste an Amazon order I bought a book and a CD - more on both later) and the decanter will be here in about 10 days.
In the meantime, I'll use the fargin' French press coffeemaker I bought at B, B & B as a stopgap. Can I call it a "Freedom press" coffeemaker?

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