Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I Watch Reality TV
I'm not proud of the fact but I will admit to it. I have rather liked The Amazing Race which just ended on CBS (soon to start up all over again, rather like the Olympic Hide and Seek as presented by Monty Python's Flying Circus). You do get to know the teams over the course of the show and braise Jebus the megajerks did not win. In fact, two out of the final three teams would have been fine with me. Just not the pair with the helium-voiced, tuft-headed guy. Seriously dude, what were you thinking? But it's not reall all about the teams. The places they are sent and the challenges they are put through, appropriate to the locale of course, can be quite interesting.

But now we are being subjected to ads for the new round of Survivor. There is one thing I like about the show: the set design. The people who come up with things like the immunity idol and the Tribal Council meeting place always do a very good job. But once again, the bunwads who have been chosen to Outwit, Outplay, Outlast are the worst part of the whole experience. I really do like the idea that this cast of castoff...aways is said to be getting 'no help whatsoever' with their surviving. Please Jebus, let them all die! If you promise me that, I will watch.

Hey, if you call it "Survivor" shouldn't you be honest about it? I've been waiting for 10 years now.

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