Saturday, February 19, 2005

Nudists Dine in New York Style?
Warning! Do not read this link anywhere near mealtime as it will nauseate you no end.

Now for my opinions on this matter. This is wrong for many reasons.

First of all, this is not New York style. It is, in fact, completely lacking in any style let along New York. When we go out to dine in New York we wear clothing, especially in the middle of winter. Enough said.

Secondly, who in their right mind would want to look at a bunch like this while they were eating? No one.

Thirdly, where was the Health Department? Yes, the wait staff had to wear clothing but the customers didn't? Sorry, this is unsanitary. Do whatever you want at home or on private property but when you visit a publicly licensed establishment please put a sock on it. Ok?

In conclusion, I would never recommend visiting this restaurant while in New York:

John Barry’s Restaurant

38 West 39th St., between 5th / 6’th Avenues (212) 398-0350

It might make you sick. I know the thought of it makes me queasy.

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