Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Honesty Compels Me
You've seen all my puffery/flackery about how much the new iMac is a wunnerful masheen. But today I did hit a snag. I was ripping some of the songs (the better songs!) from my one Time-Life music purchase (three discs of 80s music which seems to be no longer offered on the Time-Life website) (-snarky comment from Ed deleted-) into iTunes. And the final disc would not eject.
I poked around online and found that if I booted into Open Firmware, I could get the disc out. But this is a problem up with which I will not put. I'll get on Apple for the fix. A new drive unit maybe. I'll share as it develops.
Oh, of course it was the most awful of the discs that got stuck - "80s Grooves" - the club music. No, I will not provide a track listing.

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