Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Gates
Not Bill and Melinda but "The Gates in Central Park." This "happening" was the brainchild of environmental artist Christo. He literally spent 26 years asking the City for permission and finally convinced the powers-that-be in New York City what a great idea it would be to let him install 7532 "saffron-hued" gates, spread over 23 miles of walkways throughout Central Park. He is paying for the entire $20 million project and that includes the extra police officers to guard the gates. I must say I ambled over there this morning for a look around and was very pleased. If for no other reason than on a mid-February day the park was filled with people admiring how colorful the whole place had become in the middle of winter.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude, his wife and collaborator, were asked often yesterday to explain the meaning of the project. He replied:
It's very difficult. You ask us to talk. This project is not involving talk. It's a real, physical space. It's not necessary to talk. You spend time, you experience the project."
I can't say I know exactly what they meant though I am glad they had the gumption and money to stage this 16 day show. It's worth a look and doesn't need to be over-analyzed to be enjoyed.

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