Friday, February 11, 2005

Using the New Mac
I'm steadily working the iMac into the rotation and I'm digging it. Digging it severe. There is only one thing I really do miss - a scroll wheel on my mouse. Surely Apple could give its no button mouse a scroll wheel?
By the same token, there's one thing I want for my iPod - a proper case for the earbuds. Back in 1980 I got a set of Sony earbuds (I was in Japan at the time and them earbuds - we didn't even know to call 'em "earbuds" back then sonny - wuz fresh, wuz cutting the edge) which came in a plactic case with a little turntable. You could tuck the earbuds into their pockets in the middle of the case, close the case and reeel the cord right into it. That's what I want for the iPod earbuds. And no, the Sony earbuds are smaller than the Apple earbuds (which have better sound) so they won't fit. I tried.
Oh, and an iPod Shuffle. I want an iPod Shuffle too.

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