Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Another Love Letter to Alison Krauss
I have said in my various mentions of the lovely lady that her ethereal voice lacked power. She contradicts me on "Lonely Runs Both Ways" in the song "A Living Prayer." It is not sustained, powerhouse belting a la Sandi Patty whose vocal power is nothing short of amazing. The ex-Mrs. BlogDog introduced me to Ms. Patty's singing and we even went to a concert that was, well, the term "nothing short of amazing" come to mind again.
Sandi could blow Alison off the stage and has incredible range, absolute control and gospel chops that just don't stop. But I will listen to the air-clear crystal voice of Ms. Krauss for hours longer than I will Sandi Patty. And, as I admit above, Alison does show she can pump the volume if it's really needed.

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