Sunday, February 13, 2005

Understanding the Blogosphere
No one in modern American journalism has the depth and breadth of understanding demonstrated by Michael Barone. No one. His "Almanac of American Politics" is simply the best publication explaining the American electroate available. It may be too 'inside baseball' for the average reader but I guarantee that you will find this book in every poltical office in the Washington DC area. And in every poltical journalists office as well. (Full disclosure: I worked with Barone at USNews & World Report and he is a fine person as well as brilliant and honest.)
His column on the blogoshphere demonstrates once again that he 'gets it.' RTWT. And do it now. True and brilliant his look at right and left:
The focus of hatred in the right blogosphere is not Kerry or the Democrats but what these bloggers call Mainstream Media, or MSM. They argue, correctly in my view, that the New York Times, CBS News, and others distorted the news in an attempt to defeat Bush in 2004.
The Democratic Internet constituency was and is motivated by one thing more than anything else: hatred of George W. Bush. ... It seethes with hatred of Bush, constantly attacks Republicans, and excoriates Democrats who don't oppose Bush root and branch.

UPDATE: Barone e-mails the Powers That Be at Power Line and further demonstrates his perspicacity. Do I really need to repeat RTWT? RTWT.

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