Friday, February 04, 2005

Appropos of Nothing
I love mushrooms. I could eat mushroom omlettes for breakfast every day for a year. I could eat treble mushroom pizza for dinner everynight for a year. I could have Trader Joe's Mushroom Risotto for lunch every day for a year. Or a Trader Joe's Wild Mushroom Quesadilla for that matter. Button mushrooms sauteed in some olive oil and sprinkled with salt. By the way, button mushrooms are what Papa John's (pizza places) calls "baby portobellos." GMAFB.
Even better than olive oil - butter. Too caloric. Bummer.
Stir fried vegetables with about 2/3 shiitake mushrooms - sounds about right. Cream of mushroom soup - enh - if nothing better is around.
Is it any wonder that I appreciate the way Costco sells beautiful, white "stuffer" mushrooms in large quatities? Guess what I'll be having for breakfast?

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